Business Start Up

Business Start Up

Help & Advice

We offer advice and help with business start ups for Sole Traders, Partnerships, LLP's and Limited Companies. We will register you with HMRC and Companies House accordingly. We will advise you on the best type of business to suit your needs and, if that is a company, obtain that company on your behalf from our Corporate Agents. We will guide you on whether you should be VAT registered, advantages & disadvantages to each type of business, available financing, tax planning and more....

Setting up a new business

Setting up a new business presents many challenges. Friends and relatives might tell you that your idea is great and it's going to be a success but, from an accountant's point of view, there is a list of necessary steps to take to make sure your project is well grounded and can be turned into reality. Many new businesses fail because of a lack of planning so let us guide that planning for you!

Professional advice at the outset should turn into the best investment you make for the sustainability and successful future of your company.